Supplement to the Sports Center

Supplement to the Sports Center

Supplement to the Sports Center

Supplement to the Sports Center Terms of Use due to coronavirus precautions

Dear Customers,

In order to protect the health of persons visiting and working at the sports facility, the facility may only be visited during the health emergency, subject to the following measures. These regulations try to be in line with the general protection regulations, however, we have tried to define them in a viable way that is compatible with sports. We took into consideration what regulations were implemented for other gyms.

Please certify by signing that you understand the regulations and consider them mandatory.

Everyone can use the sports facility at their own risk, especially with regard to the COVID situation.

 Please only visit the Sports Center if you are healthy!

 The use of a mask at entry is mandatory at the reception.

 Our guests are kindly requested to keep a distance of 1.5 m from each other at the reception.

 Hand sanitizer fluid used at the reception is used upon entry.

 Thoroughly disinfect equipment and hands. For safety, repeat before and after training.

 When using cardio machines, please keep a safe distance from each other if possible.

 Please wipe cardio and fitness machines before and after each use with the disinfectant provided.

 It is mandatory to use your own towels in the room! Please use the fitness machines only and exclusively with our own towels.

 We recommend using training gloves.

We would like to inform everyone that the operating staff cleans the lockers, handles and faucets several times a day with disinfectant, so that our colleagues will appear in the locker rooms several times, and in the current situation we cannot provide towels or sportswear.